Regocijo francés

Cuenta Evelyn Waugh, por boca del protagonista de la novela Brideshead Revisited, que a mediados de los años 20 los franceses se reían de las huelgas y del malestar social en el Reino Unido:

“It was the topic of Paris. The French, exultant as always at the discomfiture of their former friends, and transposing into their own precise terms our mistier notions from across the Channel, foretold revolution and civil war. Every evening the kiosks displayed texts of doom, and, in the cafés, acquaintances greeted one half-derisively with: ‘Ha, my friend, you are better off here than at home, are you not?’ until I and several friends in circumstances like my own came seriously to believe that our country was in danger and that our duty lay there.”

Uno se malicia que los franceses siguieron riendo hasta 1939.

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