Más de The Art of Fiction

Continúo con el magistral volumen de David Lodge. A propósito de lo que llama intrusive author, es decir, del narrador omnisciente que, por si fuera poco, nos recuerda explícitamente que lo es (por ejemplo, “yo te digo, querido lector, blablabla”), escribe:

“We read fiction, after all, not just for the story, but to enlarge our knowledge and understanding of the world, and the authorial narrative method is particularly suited to incorporating this kind of encyclopedic knowledge and proverbial wisdom.

Around the turn of the century, however, the intrusive authorial voice fell into disfavour, partly because it detracts from realistic illusion and reduces the emotional intensity of the experience being represented, by calling attention to the act of narrating. It also claims a kind of authority, a God-like omniscience, which our sceptical and relativistic age is reluctant to grant to anyone.”

Exactamente. El período de decadencia del autor intrusivo coincide con la llegada del modernismo y el esteticismo, corrientes renovadoras que lo pusieron todo patas arriba.